taking photos for ebay with iphone

How to Take Amazing eBay Photos With Your iPhone

Taking quality photos of your products is extremely important – it helps attract buyers to your store and add value to your products. However, you don’t need expensive photography equipment to produce high quality photos. You can simply use your…

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ebay shipping mistakes

6 Shipping Mistakes eBay Sellers Should Avoid

Shipping and handling is one of the tasks where eBay sellers are mostly prone to mistakes. Such mistakes can be costly both in actual expenses and in negative customer feedback. Therefore, it is a good idea to develop procedures that…

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4 Best Time Management Tips for eBay Sellers

As a seller on eBay, you are responsible for multiple aspects of your business. You need to manage inventory, take photos, list items, improve ranking, invoice, pack, ship products and provide great customer service. When there are so many tasks…

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