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6 Shipping Mistakes eBay Sellers Should Avoid

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April 2, 2017

Shipping and handling is one of the tasks where eBay sellers are mostly prone to mistakes. Such mistakes can be costly both in actual expenses and in negative customer feedback. Therefore, it is a good idea to develop procedures that can prevent those mistakes. Here are 6 common shipping mistakes to avoid and some recommended procedures:

6 Shipping Mistakes eBay Sellers Should Avoid

Miscalculating shipping costs

Be sure to have the correct weight and dimensions to get the best shipping costs. Use scales and double-check the shipping rate in order to avoid paying too much or too little. If customers have to pay extra for shipping when they pick up the package, you might get negative feedback that will affect your ranking and future sales.

Shipping items before payment is complete

Do not ship orders until the payment process has been completed, or you risk never getting paid. After you have been paid, and before shipping, check that the buyer is legitimate and has a history of good feedback.

Communicating with customers outside of eBay

Never communicate with customers outside of eBay. A request to communicate via email might be a red flag for a scam or a hacked account.

Shipping to an address not registered with eBay

Never ship to an address other than the buyer’s registered eBay address, to prevent scam. Also avoid address mistakes that might increase your shipping costs: Create and print shipping labels and packing slips on eBay or use an automatic form filling application such as FillBud to automatically and accurately copy the buyer’s registered address.

Swapping orders

When you handle multiple orders at the same time, double- and triple-check that you have attached the right label to the right package. If customers get an order that is not theirs, they will be disappointed, might leave negative feedback and you will incur additional replacement and shipping costs.

Delayed Shipping

Always stick to your shipping and handling time policy. After payment is received, ship items right away, to get good customer feedback and increase customer loyalty. Make it a habit to check the printer for every label you print – too often a label is not printed due to a paper jam or other technical problem, the seller forgets about it, and the item never ships until the customer complains.


Make sure to follow these steps with every new order. If a customer had a bad experience, it is usually better to return the money or send a new item, to avoid complaints and negative feedback.