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How to Write an eBay Thank You Note That Actually Increases Sales and Feedback

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October 24, 2016

Attaching a professionally written eBay thank you note to your orders can increase your customers satisfaction, higher the chances of them leaving a positive feedback, and eventually create repeating sales.

Expanding a traditional or an online store to eBay is a cost-efficient and effective way to reach a wider customer base and attract new businesses. However, although online shopping may not require similar level of salesperson/customer interaction as shopping over the counter, making your customers feel appreciated remains the key to keep them, increase your sales and encourage more feedback.

However, making an eBay Thank you note that has lasting effect on your customer can seem daunting. To make the process simpler for you, here are some things you can consider.

How to Write an eBay Thank you Note

Make Sure it is Personalized

Don’t make your customers feel like you sent out a bunch of ‘Thank you’ notes to all your customers. Make it more personal by including the name of your customer at the top of the note. This will certainly make the eBay Thank you note seem more personal. It will seem less like just a standard form letter.

Include your Store’s Contact Details

Customers want to feel that they matter or that their experience with your service is important to you. Therefore, provide them the email address of your business or if applicable, include its phone number. You also need to assure them that should they encounter problems with their purchase, they can contact you anytime and receive prompt response. You must understand that buying on eBay can usually be a hit-or-miss, so it is important that you make them feel secure about conducting business with you.

Request for a Seller Feedback

If your customers are satisfied with their purchase, you can request that they leave a possible seller feedback for the store and add it to their list of eBay seller bookmarks. Through this, your seller rating will improve, which may eventually lead to your store obtaining a Power Seller status.

Express your Gratitude For their Purchase Once More

Before ending your letter of appreciation, thank your customer again for the purchase made and let them know that they are always welcome in the future. Be sure to be polite and let your customers know that they are appreciated and valued. This can go a very long way in helping your business increase sales, obtain more positive feedback and maintain a consistent stream of business.


Writing an eBay Thank You Note has indeed proven to be an effective way to build relationship and trust with your valued customers, so they will continue doing business with you.