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7 Ways to Rank Higher on eBay’s Search Results That You Can Try Today

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March 19, 2017

Many eBay shoppers use eBay search to find the products they like. When your listing appears high on eBay’s search results, more buyers are likely to see it, click through and buy.

To rank high on eBay’s search results you need to optimize your listings for eBay search engine (SEO – Search Engine Optimization). But how is this optimization achieved? The answer is a combination of good keyword choice and excellent service standards, all taken into consideration by the eBay search engine when ranking your listing.

7 Ways to rank higher on eBay’s search results:

  1. Offer as many shipping options as possible. Including free shipping, express and international, with tracking and same-day or 1-day handling time.
  1. Offer longer return period. A 30 day return policy will push you higher in the search results, whereas no return policy will push you down.
  1. Quickly respond to questions and inquiries. Don’t let your prospective customers wait long and turn to your competitors.
  1. Have an active store. List items frequently and have recent sales. If for some reason you haven’t sold anything in a while, offer discounts to renew sales quickly, even at a loss, in order to push you up the search results.
  1. Select effective keywords for your title. Include the brand, model, size, condition and any other relevant information the buyer is likely to search. A good way to find the most searched terms is by using the autocomplete feature in the eBay search box. Start typing your product’s name and see the most popular search terms on eBay for that word. Consider using an eBay title builder.
  1. Write compelling product descriptions of at least 200 words. Use relevant keywords mainly at the beginning of the description and at the end.
  1. Ask customers to leave feedback or to consider revising negative feedback. When you provide great customer service, they will be happy to do it for you.

To rank higher on eBay’s search results and increase your sales through SEO, make sure you provide consistent high level customer service and have the most relevant keywords in titles and product descriptions. Learn more about writing effective titles and descriptions in our upcoming posts.