4 Best Time Management Tips for eBay Sellers

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March 13, 2017

As a seller on eBay, you are responsible for multiple aspects of your business. You need to manage inventory, take photos, list items, improve ranking, invoice, pack, ship products and provide great customer service.

When there are so many tasks to perform, effective time management impacts your stress levels as well as your ability to run a profitable business. Here are the top time management practices to improve your effectiveness.

Time Management Tips for eBay Sellers

1. Avoid multitasking

Many studies have shown that multitasking reduces productivity and increases the rate of errors. In other words, it is more time consuming to multitask than to perform one task after the other. It is therefore a good idea to allocate time for each task and focus solely on that task while eliminating distractions. For example, check your new orders and service requests first thing in the morning, pack and ship in the late morning, check and answer e-mails in the early afternoon, and keep the listing, photography and ranking tasks to the late afternoon. Use a timer to stick to your schedule and move from one task to the other according to your plan.

Eliminating distractions requires some self-discipline. You can improve your effectiveness tremendously by putting your phone away while you pack (even in another room!), or avoid checking your e-mails while you photograph and list products.

2. Take short breaks

Take short breaks between tasks and boost your energy levels with short workout sessions. Search for short workout videos on YouTube and find your favorite. You can search for “3 minute workout”, “5 minute yoga” or any kind of exercise that you like. Alternatively, find a song that you love and dance or jump as you listen to it. This habit will improve your health and help you stay more focused on your next task.

3. Organize your workspace for maximum efficiency

You can get great ideas when you search for “packing station”, “eBay home office” or any other relevant term on Pinterest, Google Images or even YouTube.

Find a specific place for each of the items you need during the packing and handling process, so that you can find your scissors or tape immediately every time you need them and have your inventory and packing materials easily accessible. Don’t forget to put everything back in place after each use so you know exactly where to find it next time and save time. This habit will make the packing process quick and easy.

4. Automate your processes

Connect your eBay account to productivity applications such as FillBud. This app automatically fills out forms and documents for you in a click of a button. This will prevent errors and typos and will save a lot of time. The application shows your recent eBay orders and you only need to click the Create button next to your order and select the document template Рinvoice, receipt, packing slip, thank you note, return form, customs declaration, CN22 form, certificate, or warranty card. The application imports the order details directly from your eBay account and your document is ready instantly. Only send it to print and you are done!


By implementing little changes in your daily habits you can greatly increase your productivity and free up time for the important things in your life, such as spending more time with your family, developing and promoting your business, or dedicating time to your favorite hobby or sport. So, which one of these best practices are you going to implement first?