Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

  1. Sign up – Sign up with your email address.
  2. Connect your eBay account – After you sign up, you will be prompted to connect your eBay account. It’s a simple and secured process that takes 10 seconds.
  3. Start creating documents – FillBud shows you your recent eBay orders. Click on the Create button next to your order, choose a template, and your document is ready.

What kind of documents can I create with FillBud?

With FillBud, you can create any document you can think of.

Here are a few examples:
Invoices, Receipts, Packing Slips, Thank You Notes, Return Forms, Customs Declaration Forms, CN22 Forms, Certificates and Warranty cards.

FillBud already comes with plenty of document templates to choose from, and we constantly work on adding new ones. You can customize them using our built-in editor, or create your own, fully customized document templates for any purpose.

What information can I include in my documents?

eBay id, Email address
eBay id, Email address, Phone number
Recepient name, Address line 1, Address line 2, City, State, Zip code, Country
Shipping carrier, Tracking number, Shipped time.
Checkout status, Checkout message, Payment method
Document id, Order id, Order status, Order date, Order time, Subtotal, Total, Currency
Item id, Title, Quantity, Price, Tax, Shipping cost, 12 Item photos, 5 Item variations, 20 Item specifics.